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Consultancy Services

Augmentics Ltd sometimes has free capacity available in the following areas:

Software Forensics We have exceptional skills & experience in the embedded systems & real-time areas of software development. We do NOT offer software development services but we DO offer software forensic services. Typically this software forensic would be used by Venture Capital companies wishing to evaluate the "quality" & completeness of software design s& source code. The service is also useful to senior management seeking an independent opinion on aspects of their software projects and/or staff.
Computer Security We have significant experience in computer security, especially in the embedded systems & real-time areas. We have worked on anti-tamper & anti-hacker systems for  equipment used by national banks. We have also worked on the internal SIMCARD & IMEI security systems of mobile phones, and also for the related external security systems. We have also developed highly secure encrypted communications & data storage systems.
Support for Startups We have significant technical & managerial experience obtained in an intense startup environment. This covers establishment of effective software development processes, recruitment of "high flyer" technical staff, product definition, software licensing, IPR issues, software contract preparation & negotiation etc. For an overview of our attitudes towards startups please request a copy of an article we wrote for an on-line business magazine.

Please contact us if you would like any further information on our consultancy services. consultancy@augmentics.com


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