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Augmentics Ltd was founded by Richard Hathway who, until February 2004, was Senior Technologist at Sendo Ltd, the UK's only mobile phone design & manufacturing company.

Prior to his time at Sendo, Mr Hathway ran a software consultancy for many years, with clients mostly in the UK and in Germany. Mr Hathway is a Chartered Engineer - one the UK's highest qualifications for software development.

Mr Hathway joined Sendo's small core startup team back in 2000 and held important roles within Sendo as it grew from a startup to become a major player in the world mobile phone industry with a major worldwide market share and a staff of 450+. (Sendo has since been accquired by Motorolo)

Mr Hathway's roles at Sendo covered topics including advanced software development, project management, Smartphone product definition, handset security, contract negotiation, software sourcing, IP & Patent issues etc.

Following four dynamic years of helping grow a startup into a successful corporation, Mr Hathway decided that it was time to use what he had learned at Sendo to break away and create his own startup.

Accordingly Augmentics Ltd was founded - to design & develop various high tech end-user devices for use by the elderly & disabled.

The ultimate aim of this work is to benefit these sectors of the population whilst also making a financial return from product & IPR sales & licensing.

The company has moved agressively into the retail digital hearing aid market in the UK - in order to obtain revenue and also to gain experience in retail operations in relation to high tech end-user medical devices.

In addition to our technology & medical interests, the company is also reviewing business opportunities relating to the forthcoming global energy & other resource shortages, especially in the agricultural sector.

Please also see our "Vision Statement"

A CV / Resume for Mr Hathway is available on request. Photos are also available.

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Richard Hathway - CEO  C.Eng MBCS CITP B.Sc(Hons)(Physics,London) RHAD
Email:     press@augmentics.com


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