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Our Vision

At Augmentics we feel that the benefits of high technology should to be made available to the disabled & elderly in society. Currently high tech equipment seems to be limited to hospitals, clinics and so on. Very few affordable high tech products appear to be available to end users and consumers.

Accordingly Augmentics, through its Technology Division, designs & develops various end-user high tech devices for use by the elderly & disabled. This work benefits these sectors of the population whilst also making a financial return from product & IPR sales.

In the course of our market analysis, we have found that a key end-user medical device is the digital hearing aid. However expansion of this market seems to be held back through high retail pricing and/or often poor service delivery.

In our opinion the very high prices of hearing aids in the UK need to be reduced, so that more hard-of-hearing people can benefit from the excellent digital hearing aids which are now available. Accordingly we have made a commercial decision to address this market by providing digital hearing aids in the UK through a variety of face-to-face dispensing outlets and also via e-commerce outlets.

We also feel that the premium sector of the market is also worthy of investment.

We feel that the experience - and revenue - which we will obtain from these retail operations may significantly benefit our more general long-term plans to develop & market a wide range of medical devices for the disabled & elderly markets.

In addition to our technology & medical interests, we are also reviewing business opportunities relating to the forthcoming global energy & other resource shortages, especially in the agricultural sector.


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